Nothing is quite as comforting and nurturing as a delicious, satisfying meal. Our chef finds enticing ways to add flavor to mealtime and recently restructured our entire menu with resident input for an enhanced dining experience.

Flavors of Home

Our menus are designed to create meals that are not only healthy, but taste like home. Flavorful, nutritious selections provide the comfort and nourishment needed to rebuild strength and promote healthy living. Fresh produce is as close as the farm down the road and our culinary team incorporates local selections whenever possible.

In addition to a choice of entrees and always-available a la carte options, our daily menus include a soup bar with paired sides. Our chefs can turn almost anything into a delicious soup, to warm the soul and expand options for those with texture limitations. Favorites include tomato basil, chicken with rice, chicken noodle, tortellini, butternut squash, cream of broccoli, clam chowder (New England style, of course), corn chowder, and chili.

Our menus also feature festive options on special occasions, such as chicken and nachos on game day to traditional barbecue on the Fourth.

Specialized Menus

Our dining team and dietitian work together to accommodate special diets and nutritional requirements including:

  • Diabetic menus
  • Vegetarian and vegan selections
  • Gluten-free meals
  • Low-sodium options
  • Fat-free and low-fat choices
  • Sugar-free beverages and desserts
  • Special preparation for those with trouble swallowing

Contact us at Charlene Manor Extended Care Facility to join us for a meal.